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What Do LLI Southwest Attendees Say?

Hope to come back next year!!
The fishbowl sessions were a fabulous addition.
Conference was well worth the time spent.  Can't wait to implement and share with those on my campus. Thanks to all responsible!
Than you for a wonderful learning experience!
Thank you for the time and effort you placed in making such a wonderful conference.
The Oakridge School was a wonderful host school...very welcoming and hospitable. Having students to help us navigate the grounds was very helpful on Thursday.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural conference in Ft. Worth.  Zac and Diana were terrific as speakers!
Thanks for all your work on this.
All was run perfectly - from fishbowls, to food and entertaining, to lecture sessions!!
Two thumbs up to Megan Elizondo and Claire Reddig for ""Making Space for Writing in the Makerspace! Also, to Dr. Allen Selis for ""Pedagogy of Computer Coding!""  Impressive Educator.
Your staff and students were delightful!  Very welcoming and helpful.  Very organized and efficient conference. Meals/snacks throughout the day were very mush appreciated as it is hard to run to lunch and return to conference in an unfamiliar area.
The organization of the event was stellar! Kudos to Oakridge and LLI for putting on a fantastically structured conference.
A big thank you to all the behind-the-scenes people (IT, volunteers, etc.)
The sessions were varied and covered topics from JK to upper school
Thank you for a wonderful conference!
Loved the fishbowl concept
I enjoyed the opportunity for networking and conversation with educators from a variety of schools and regions. The sessions were well-organized and interesting.
So enjoyed this conference!! Well organized...great presenters!
I enjoyed every session I attended. Presenters were knowledgeable about their topic and so willing to share resources.
Nice variety of offerings and quality presentations
The sessions were outstanding.  The fish bowls were amazingly well.
I enjoy the hands-on activities or ideas that I can implement immediately.
This was awesome!!! They did a great job! I came out so excited about doing this at our school!! Bravo!!!
Very informative
Excellent.  One of the best
Very hands on. Loved the new framework we discussed.
Excellent resources
Thank you for showing us your space! Very informative!
Loved being able to go look at Sarah's Makerspace. She did a great job!!! Excited to try at my school.
The best session I attended.
Great session!
Excellent class! Wonderful resources
This was amazing! Thank you so much. I cannot wait to take these ideas back to my school and classroom!
This workshop introduced me to a fascinating resource that I will no doubt use in the future. Very interesting.
This is perfect for my engineering class! Fun, engaging, lots of connections to different content areas. Thanks!
This was so fun, we stayed for about 40 minutes afterward. Half an out into the activity I said to myself, "Oh yeah. I'm at a teacher's conference!"
Mechanical Paper was a well-presented and informative introduction into making paper machines. The presenters were articulate, well-prepared and helpful as we made a model ourselves.  The visuals were detailed in the steps needed to make the model. Also the additional extensions to paper construction were valuable, and I will be able to carry some of  them into the classroom.  Thanks for all of the additional resources too!
Lots of great tips on how/why of blending and teaching to heterogeneous groups.
Thank you, Billy, for clearly showing how you transformed your classroom.  I can really see it working for me, allowing students to work at their own pace and discovering their own top performance.  Huge thanks! 
Inspirational and practical!
This session was a game changer for me!! Thank you so much for such an exciting experience.
Wow! Mark's passion is contagious. Great ideas for growing lifelong learning.
This session was well-prepared and presented and very useful in the reading and writing subject areas.
They outlined the process clearly.  Thumb drives distributed with the presentation should make for easy review.  Good idea for this type of presentation.

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