SEL: Developing Social and Emotional Competencies in our Schools and Ourselves

Courtnay Veazey
Lower & Middle School Counselor
Lausanne Collegiate School




What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Monday, July 17 – 9:30 am

Overview of CASEL’s definition of social emotional learning. Discuss various organizations currently researching SEL (e.g. Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence –  Provide rationale for incorporating SEL into all academic subjects.

The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on SEL
Monday, July 17 – 11 am

Definition of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and history of the CDC’s ACE study ( Role of how ACE affect students’ receptiveness to SEL. Discussion of how trauma affects brain development (

Self-Care Within the Context of SEL
Monday, July 17 – 1:30 pm

Message of how SEL is done with students – not to them. Definition of self-care and its role in being an effective educator/school counselor. Review of CASEL’s Core  SEL Competencies and reflection on how those skills, attitudes, and behaviors are evident in our own lives (

SEL Through the Lens of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)
Tuesday, July 18 – 9 am

Presentation of how the IBO views SEL ( Discussion of research regarding social and emotional well-being in Baccalaureate World Schools. (Final report is found here:

SEL in the Classroom
Tuesday, July 18 – 10:30 am

Discussion of practical ways educators can incorporate SEL concepts into their classrooms.

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Overachieving Students
Tuesday, July 18 – 1 pm

Definition of growth mindset and grit ( Explanation of how overachieving students and students with perfectionistic tendencies struggle with the Growth Mindset concept. Discussion of strategies for working with students who experience a fixed mindset.