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2018 Sessions

Preliminary List of Sessions

Updated Sessions & Schedule Coming Soon
3 Pigs Security Team
4 Stories on the Path to Administration
Ask Questions Better and Ask Better Questions
Brand Building for Educators
Catch the Wave to STEAM: Adding Art to STEM
Caution: Student Driver! Empowering Students Through Technology to Improve Reading Comprehension
Constructing a Deeper Understanding of the Properties of Rectilinear Figures
Create a SPARK: Ways to Ignite your Students
Create Designers and Thinkers with Heart
Curriculum Rerouting: A Fresh Approach to Curriculum Mapping
Diverse Collaborations through Design Thinking
Educational Hopscotch for the Kinesthetic Learner
Equalizing Access to STEM for Kids Who Learning Differently
Escape the Classroom
Expand Student Engagement with Deeper Learning
Flipped Learning revolutionized my Math classroom - A Beginner''s Tale
Increasing Student Engagement & Langauge Proficiency Using Comprehensible Input
Inquiry & Exploration:  Experience Student-centered Learning in the Laboratory
Inspiring Deeper Learning through Student''s Entrepreneurial Pursuits
Introduction to Describing Our Daily Routines in the Target Language Through Edpuzzle
Kamishibai: Traditional Japanese Paper Theater
Learning Transformed: When Making Isn't Just a Space
Lend a Helping Hand - Engineering Prosthetics in Elementary School
Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources
Maker-Based Instruction with the SMU Maker Truck
Makerspace Grows Up
Makerspace Meets Human Centered Design
Making Mathematics Learning Visible
Math Centers with A Purpose
Math is Really Relay Fun!
Mindfulness and Making: Building Empathy through the design process
MORE TIME TO TEACH: Responding to Student Behavior
My Party Election PBL
One Text, Many Voices
Origami Geometry
Out with the Old and Boring, In with the New and Techstroidinary
PBL for 4, 5, & 6 Year Olds
Physical Computing Made Simple with Micro:bits
Play out the Protein Structure
Playing Games to Practice and Learn
Poetry Slam: A Cross-Curricular Collaboration in History and Foreign Language
Propoganda in Social Media
Snowball Saver
Starting an Arabic language program
Students of the Round Table
Take a Stand
Teaching Culture in 360 - Using Virtual Reality to Facilitate Cultural Learning
The Four C''s: Games and Activities for Student Success
The Shiva Project: What Kind of Learner Are You?
Tower of Hanoi
Transferring Active Learning Strategies From the Athletic Field to the Classroom
Using 3D Technology to Teach Systems of Human Biology
Using Basic Spreadsheet Functions for Individualized Instruction
Using Digital Tools to Make Student Thinking Visible
Using Nearpod in the Elementary Classroom
Using Poetry and Curiosity to Drive Learning
What Happens to Girls in STEM after K-12?
What is your Favorite Animal? The Link Between Mindful Practice and Meaningful Expectations
What it Means to Know Everything
Who We Are From Scratch

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