Lausanne Learning Institute, ISM Announce Partnership for LLI 2016
Leaders in Teacher, Administrator Training Join Forces

ISM, Inc. has been announced as the Signature Partner for this year’s Lausanne Learning Institute Summer Conference, a program created by Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN, to build student success and educational innovation. The conference will be held July 10–12 on the school campus.

LLI’s prestige for teacher training in one-to-one and student-centered learning, combined with ISM’s international reputation for creating stronger independent school administration, results in a powerful new focus to ensure all students benefit from personalized learning in innovative schools.

“For 14 years, Lausanne has helped schools around the world implement technology to improve educational opportunity in the classroom,” said Stuart McCathie, Lausanne’s Headmaster. “Now, as schools seek effective practices for activated classrooms, ISM and Lausanne will work together to find those strategies to fit both the classroom and the school culture.”

Schools around the world invest billions of dollars in classroom technology to help fulfill the promise of enhanced learning for students. However, the expected results have not materialized. A recent OECD report stated that achievement in the classroom has not improved as significantly as expected. These disappointing results mean that schools now focus on how to utilize technology in the classroom, prompting a move from direct instruction to an increased interest in student-centered learning. This new focus means that schools are struggling to discover and master the next generation of instructional methods.

“ISM’s commitment has always been to support improved student outcomes. It’s been our mission for 40 years,” said Roxanne Higgins, ISM President. “We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with LLI in creating approaches to classroom instruction that support and enhance student success.”

The joint effort focuses primarily on discovering effective strategies for student-centered learning, using technology as a tool to personalize learning. By using LLI’s network of conferences and classroom practices, combined with ISM’s prestigious Consultants and research practices, schools around the world will benefit from practical, data-driven teaching strategies. Together, Lausanne and ISM have set a goal to effect real change in a world that demands new skills from high school graduates.