The Lausanne Learning Institute’s mission is to help educators collaborate, create, and explore new possibilities in student centered learning (SCL). This broadly encompasses a range of pedagogies that essentially shifts the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. This means that students are involved in the planning, implementation, and assessment of curriculum, owning their learning and providing avenues to deeper learning through motivation and curiosity.

19415814874_947ab1ba80Some common styles of SCL include:

Project based learning

Challenge based learning

Competency based learning

Inquiry based learning

Gamified curriculums


In order to do this, LLI creates opportunities for educators to come together to discuss most effective practices (we don’t pretend to know best practices, because those always change). By collaborating, sharing ideas, and creating new ideas, we believe that practitioners in the classroom will drive better learning systems. In turn, this will more quickly provide a better education experience for all learners.

We encourage you to share your ideas at one of our many conferences. We are not looking for experts, we are looking for passionate innovators who want to explore and share new ideas, comfortable knowing that failing forward is necessary for achievement. Join us today by visiting one of our regional conference sites below and submitting your proposal for session presentation or bring your school’s leading educators to take advantage of deep group discounts.