LLI Memphis at Crosstown High will fuse the capabilities of tech-enriched classrooms with student-centered, real-world learning to develop new strategies for preparing students for futures we can’t even imagine now.

1:1 NEXT is more than just the latest in technology - it’s how we’re engaging students on a one-to-one level to help them create new possibilities for learning inside and outside the school walls, and get excited about changing the world.

What is LLI Memphis

LLI Memphis is a two-day professional development conference that is designed for teachers to share their practical classroom skills with other teachers in the midsouth region. Featuring fishbowl classrooms, active learning sessions, and collaborative events, LLI Memphis is the new generation of authentic, effective teacher training.

Real-World Learning

LLI Memphis provides practical insights into how to bring technology and real world learning into projects that engage students. Featuring innovative space and curriculum design by Crosstown High, LLI Memphis will be the educational event of the year.

Active Learning Workshops

Active learning workshops follow LLI's mission of promoting student-centered learning by reducing the amount of lecture and creating hands-on learning that generate artifacts for classrooms, not just ideas to research later.

Teachers Teaching Teachers

LLI Memphis will feature teachers from around the region explaining and demonstrating their best classroom practices. Authentic training from people who use these skills everyday!

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Why LLI Memphis?

Expanding the horizons of learning

LLI Memphis will help teachers understand how to personalize learning with technology and community partnerships, moving beyond note-taking and research into collaborative learning and creative possibilities.

Active learning for all learners

Active learning sessions mean that we practice what we preach. Presenters are asked to limit the Powerpoint time and develop hands-on strategies for session attendees. The gives time to create plans and artifacts with an expert guide instead of leaving the heavy lifting for later. You are guaranteed to have three or four actionable items to use on day one.

Quality learning for all budgets

LLI Memphis brings the quality of a national conference with the value that all schools can appreciate. Featuring hands-on professional development, breakfast and lunch for all attendees, access to top regional thought leaders, and membership in LLI's national network of educators, schools will discover what it really means to engage, empower, and transform.

Locally sourced collaborative learning

LLI Memphis is focused on providing the best student-centered learning strategies from the best teachers in the area. Practical techniques and passionate learning create powerful networks of educators from right down the street, giving you the support you need to help transform schools.


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Individual - $ 375

Group 5+ - $ 300/per

Presenter - $150


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