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Introducing Peardeck for Engaged Learning

In this session, participants will play the “student” role in one of my decks to explore some of the features of Peardeck. After the session, teachers will be released to create a deck of their own that either fulfills some function for their class or explores one of the topics that I will provide. At the end, participants will spend time reflecting as individuals how this program could be useful in the classroom, and then we will share our ideas as a group.

Ditch the Worksheet: Tools for Essential Learning

This session will begin with a brief introduction to a Quizlet Live, which is an excellent platform for learning vocabulary or other factual content in an engaging and collaborative way. Then the session will move into how to use PearDeck while teaching grammar or other content that might usually warrant a worksheet. Following the demos, instructors will spend time coming up with Peardeck or Quizlet Live activities that suit their classrooms.

Using Peardeck for Formative Assessment

This session will focus on how instructors can use PearDeck as a way to check comprehension in the middle of class, after a homework assignment, or in the middle of a regular PearDeck session, leading to class time that is tailored to the students’ needs. Instructors will then brainstorm how they might use PearDeck in their own classrooms.

Creativity and Portfolio with WeVideo

This session will introduce participants to the basic functions of WeVideo, a media creation platform that is easy to use, yet can create a variety of professional looking products. After looking at examples of student work created with WeVideo, participants in this session will use an individual account to fully explore the program and master the basic aspects of it. At the end of the session, teachers will spend time discussing how this type of media creation can benefit their students.

Student Vlogs for Social Emotional Learning

In this session, participants will explore some of the ways that WeVideo can be used to create audio or video content that allows them to demonstrate understanding of class concepts creatively. In addition, teachers will get to see how the audio portion of WeVideo can be used to understand student’s reactions to readings and provide a platform for social emotional learning. At the end of the session, teachers will reflect on how they can use WeVideo to create or update assignments to increase their creative or social emotional value.

Screencasts & Flipped Content with WeVideo

In this session, participants will explore how the screen recording features of WeVideo can be used to create screencasts, which are essential to any teacher that uses electronic platforms for learning or word processing. Teachers will learn how to create effective screencasts that will empower their students to find answers to their questions without constantly asking the instructor. At the end of the session, attendees will brainstorm what information that can move online.

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