“One Size Fits All Doesn’t Work”

Meet Jeffrey Wright, physics teacher, father and family man, and a teacher who inspires his students many of whom freely admit they fall asleep in other classes. He is, of course, an excellent teacher. Watching the video however shows more than just a person who loves physics and wants to communicate that. Here are some deep emotional moments to think about:

  • He is in the corridor shaking the hands of students who are on their way past, probably at the end of the day. He shakes the hand of a girl who is confused as to why she is being greeted by someone who is clearly not her teacher
  • A student talks about sharing with him the closest emotions and events of her life. She begins by wondering why she should talk to a “teacher” and finishes by recognizing that relationship as key to her success
  • He introduces his son Adam who is completely blind and has a disease only 417 people in the whole world has – he introduces Adam not to his video audience but to his classes, sharing his own hopes and dreams with his students
  • His daughter shows him that Adam is not blind after all and is capable of love – he says that he didn’t care anymore how things worked but why they worked and the reason is that they work because of love – the deepest emotion a teacher can feel
  • He worries about his students as he hugs them on the way out of his classroom

We can do what Jeffrey Wright does because we have the same emotions about life and loving and children and wanting light to shine in our students’ lives. He summarizes how he approaches his work: “We are called to be something much greater than we think and we discover that when we look deep within and find our spark and calling.”