We want to introduce you to Lisa Nielsen today who says that she was bored at school and didn’t want her students to feel the same way. She works in New York’s public school system – and is a great example of why the public schools are getting better and better and giving independent schools a run for their money when it comes to educational excellence.

In this blog, she takes on the subject of Facebook as a teaching / learning tool confronting all the usual questions. Her answers are engaging and deeply thoughtful e.g. “Tools have no intent.  Facebook doesn’t cause a risk for unprofessional behavior, but it catches those who engage in such behaviors.  What we’re really saying when we block and ban is that we don’t want to bother dealing with issues such as those who have chosen to publicly engaged in unprofessional behavior. It is much more convenient to turn heads the other way.” The issues she raises are ones we face daily and so her discussions are timely and insightful. She also links to other interesting issues such as the 10 Reasons Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools.

Just so you know, Lisa has a full-time job and running her page The Innovative Educator is on top of that!