This month’s person is not a teacher, or at least not a teacher in a conventional sense. Her name is Daphne Caruana Galizia. She was a journalist in Malta who was a crusader against corruption in that country. She was assassinated by a car bomb on October 17th 2017. She was 53. She had been chosen by Politico as one of the 27 people who would influence the world in 2017.

She is in Empower today because she must not be forgotten and her cause must not be forgotten. If education, each classroom that we lead, has a purpose, one of those purposes must be to make the world a better place for someone else. The reality is that such a purpose can often have a cost, including death. Daphne Galizia’s fierce independence, her willingness to follow the evidence, her courage in speaking out, her leadership driven by her love of her country, her intellectual prowess and her moral integrity all are the kind of qualities that we would want our children to have.

We must constantly ask the question whether the classroom I lead today will “educo” lead out the person tomorrow who will stand firm and publicly for liberty, for freedom in whatever sphere the child-turned-adult participates? Our classrooms are not laboratories for basic comprehension! They are crucibles for citizens and for our most cherished values. As teachers, we thus have the highest calling, the highest responsibility, and the greatest satisfaction in our task.