In this issue, we spotlight a teacher who made a difference in the hopes that you will write into Empower and tell us about teachers who have made a difference in your life or the lives of children that you know. We will publish these stories in the Empower Spotlight beginning August 2018. In the midst of significant gloom and doom, we need to remind ourselves about the amazing work being done in our classrooms day in and day out.

This amazing story was found in The Guardian newspaper:

“Graduating with a 1st from a top university in maths, he was really keen to go into teaching. Got a placement at an inner city london school as a teaching assistant and ended up working with the dyslexic special need children.

One in particular year 9 girl had been written off as a hopeless case as she just couldn’t seem to do even the most basic questions, no matter what past teachers had tried, and as a result she was a very disruptive and aggressive classroom influence. So after working with this girl for a few weeks my friend began to notice a pattern in her work.

So he took home all of her work from the last year and spent a weekend examining it. He found out that far from being terrible at maths her dyslexia meant that the numbers and symbols etc appeared to move for her on the page and therefore the questions she was answering were the not the ones originally written down.

On working out this set pattern, he then rewrote all the next weeks lessons and low and behold the girl suddenly was getting the ‘right answers’. By the end of the term she had been moved up to the top maths set and her attitude had complete turned around.

I like to tell this as a good story of how a teacher going the extra mile can really change a students life. Without him, theres a good chance the education system would have written this girl off and despondent and dropped out. Instead she went on to get good GCSE’s and an A at A level maths and further maths before going on to University.”

I hope this amazing teachers encourages you to tell your stories in order to inspire others as well.