In April, we asked our community what you wanted from Lausanne Learning – how we could help you grow and succeed, what your dream professional development conference would look like, what your needs are, and more. We loved getting to know you and finding out how Lausanne Learning can serve you better!

You shared with us that conference location and time of year isn’t nearly as important as content – we couldn’t agree more! That content needs to be current, and it needs to include resources and ideas that you can use in your schools and classrooms immediately. In fact, almost half of you mentioned this point specifically!

We also asked you about what types of materials you’d like to get with your registration to the conference. There were some great ideas there – some we definitely hadn’t thought of – and we’re working hard to bring you useful and fun materials, including pens, sticky notes, classroom supplies, bags, and useful resources!

Fishbowl classroom topics were mentioned by so many of you, and we’re listening. We think they’re the most authentic PD there is, and we’re working hard to bring you even more fishbowl classrooms and authentic student participation at all our conferences – even in the summer! We’ll have some exciting announcements about Lausanne Learning: Teach Tech coming up soon, and of course we’ll have fishbowl classrooms at Lausanne Learning: Mississippi – Innovation in Action and Lausanne Learning: Dare to Design!

One other thing you asked for is a stronger sense of community between conferences, with things like Twitter chats, a Facebook group, including social media handles on name badges, and collaborative opportunities. We’re glad you asked! We’ve set up a Facebook group here, we’re working on some ideas for Twitter chats, we’re planning to add more collaborative and community workshops to the conferences, and we’ve got a really exciting partnership coming up that we can’t wait to share with you later this summer. We absolutely want to build community with you – let’s do this!

We’ll be reaching out to respondents individually as well later this month to address any questions you had, and we are leaving the survey open here until July 1 in case anyone else would like to fill it out. We’re going to start doing an annual survey of your needs so that we can keep learning, improving, and making Lausanne Learning the best it can be!

Thank you again for all your feedback!