I had a few conversations recently with some math teachers who expressed their troubles with integrating math into projects and other content areas. As a person who has always loved mathematics, and a math teacher at heart, I found that this is the norm in some instances. It is hard to get away from teaching rote memorization in the math classroom. What has always been done is still being taught and it allows for students who don’t learn well with memorization to fall through the cracks. How might we make math more accessible to different learners and make it applicable to the real world? 

I am so excited to share some of my strategies with teachers from around the country next month at Lausanne Learning: Mississippi – Innovation in Action (December 5-6, 2019 at Madison-Ridgeland Academy)! I will be sharing many applicable strategies to get more out of math and engage students in your classroom. One of my favorite ways to share information with teachers is presenting in a fishbowl classroom. This is where teachers observe as I teach a lesson to students. I can’t wait to share Math Escape Rooms with a class full of third graders who have never experienced it before. In this session students will engage in math like never before and teachers will be able to watch and reflect! 

I will also be presenting in a general session some useful tips, tricks, and strategies to apply math to the real world. From STEAM activities, to gamification, to VR/AR and entrepreneurship, there are so many amazing things teachers can do to make math more fun. This workshop will require participants to explore and engage in the many faces of math and will provide practical resources to take back to the classroom. 

Check out the full schedule here and on the Lausanne Learning app, and register soon – space is limited!