Happy New Year! Although it’s an arbitrary date, there is always something refreshing about leaving a year behind and moving into a new one – a new year filled with possibility and opportunities and potential for growth. To start us off right, I wanted to share some of our goals for 2020!

  1. Keep. Learning. Our keynote speaker at Innovation in Action, George Couros, said it best: “If you want to be a master teacher, you have to be a master learner.” In 2020, we’re committing to providing our community with more learning opportunities and resources, and we’re learning along with you. Dissertations will be finished, certifications will be earned, and y’all – our reading list is HUGE.
  2. Live Our Mission. This applies to everyone! What is your mission – at your job, at home, in life? Ask yourself, before any action, if it furthers your mission. If not, and if it doesn’t directly involve your ability to like…eat…then don’t do it! And if you find something that does further your mission, work like crazy to make it happen!
  3. Be Kind. We like to think we’re pretty nice people anyway, but someone recently said – speaking about grad school, but I think it applies everywhere – “Everyone here is smart. Make your mark by being kind.” Being kind to ourselves, our students, our fellow educators, to everyone – that’s what makes a real different.

These are some simple goals – or at least they look simple on paper! – but we think they can be used throughout 2020 to help us grow and serve our community better. What are your goals for 2020?