Today’s guest post comes from Michael Daugherty, Middle School Computer Teacher at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, FL. Michael is presenting a workshop on the challenges and opportunities of teaching a Computer Science curriculum at Dare to Design (March 12-13, 2020) and graciously shared a preview with us! 

As we continue to embrace the importance of STEM education in our schools we are pushing Computer Science curriculum, which until very recently was reserved for honors level high school courses, down to middle and even lower school classrooms.

While this often sounds great on “Meet the Parent” night it doesn’t always play out so smoothly in the classroom.  Providing a well-structured, engaging, and understandable course in Computer Science comes with a unique set of opportunities and challenges that can sometimes derail even the most dedicated instructor.

My session at Lausanne Learning: Dare to Design will look at identifying these challenges as well as providing specific recommendations/solutions for each. The ultimate goal is to create Computer Science curriculum where the teacher and students feel empowered to explore in a way that develops core competencies but more importantly keeps a student’s natural curiosity intact!

Join me in March to learn and share about this exciting teaching field!