Can I Be a Teacher Mentor?

So what are the requirements to become a Teacher Mentor?

1. You are a master educator in your area of expertise.*

2. You have at least 3 years teaching experience.

3. You are a practicing educator using the skills you will be sharing.

4. You have a passion for education and community.

*No one is an expert in everything. A master educator is someone who has demonstrated both excellence in skill and in sharing their skills, whatever they may be.

You must also possess the 5 Lausanne Learning Mentor Characteristics:

1. Student-Centered Character: You always keep each student at the center of the conversation by imagining what could be and recognizing that they are the most important people in education.

2. Sustaining Character: You are focused on working with the school to implement practices that can be sustained over the long term to support the school’s mission.

3. Imaginative Character: You are an expert and can imagine different answers to key questions – even adjusting your teaching as needed to help students be engaged and schools transform.

4. Independent Character: You ensure that your clients become independent over time while still building a relationship that contributes to their success.

5. Fearless Character: You don’t always tell your clients what they want to hear, but instead tell them what they need to hear for success.

What Do Mentors DO?

Lausanne Learning Teacher Mentors aren't just consultants - they're peer leaders, experts in their field, and educators who are honing their craft daily in their own classrooms.

Mentors visit other schools to visit with educators and help guide them through a variety of needs, from makerspace design and curriculum to scheduling to subject-specific needs.

Visits are typically 3 days, including travel - a day of travel and meeting the faculty and students at the school, a day of intensive workshops, fishbowl classrooms, and planning, and a day of preparing to set plans into motion and then going home. Mentors also provide preparation and follow-up, generally a few weeks before and a few weeks after.

We will try not to take you out of school more than 3 times in a calendar year, and you do receive compensation plus expenses for your time. See the full Teacher Mentor Handbook here!

I'm In - How Do I Sign Up?

1. Apply below!

2. Present at a Lausanne Learning conference. (This helps us get to know you and see your teaching in action!)

3. Complete a “on your own” training (details to be provided) as well as a one-on-one training with Lausanne Learning.

4. Sign your letter of intent to consult, agreeing to practice our 5 Mentor Characteristics.

5. Provide required materials for Lausanne Learning website profile.

6. Get out there and transform schools!

Ready to go? Fill out the form below to apply!


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