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Connected Consulting

Connected ConsultingDeveloping Learning in a 1:1 Classroom

Based on Abilene Christian University’s 1:1 program, Connected Consulting offers teacher technology training to schools around the country. This workshop course will  focus on choosing the right classroom technology, collaboration strategies for students, and how to promote critical thinking and differentiated instruction for teachers who want to develop their classroom technology skills.


Being a Digital Teacher – Increasing the H.E.A.T
Monday, July 17 – 11 am

ISTE Standards: ISTE-S1-S6, ISTE-T1-T5, ISTE-C2-C6
In this course teachers will explore the changes in U.S. Education, why we are integrating technology, and what we know about student motivation. Teachers will begin by altering current lessons to score higher on the HEAT Framework in higher-order thinking, student-engagement, lesson authenticity and technology integration. In addition, teachers will be matching their lessons to the ISTE Standards for students. The course will be interactive with the participants working in groups to research topics and to create a final lesson that they will be able to use in their own classroom.

Creating Higher-Order Questions
Monday, July 17 – 1:30  pm

 ISTE Standards: ISTE-S1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; ISTE-T1, 2, 3; ISTE-C2, 3
As McTighe and Wiggins (2013) asserted, teachers frequently ask their students questions, but are they questions that engage the students while encouraging inquiry and higher-order thought processes? During this session, teachers will reflect on their use of essential questions as an instructional strategy and gain an understanding of the criteria for developing effective essential questions. Additionally, they will engage in a comparison of when a teacher would employ metacognitive and reflective questions instead of a question that is considered a guide or hook.

Authentic Lessons – Backwards Blooms
Monday, July 17 – 3 pm

In this workshop teachers will explore how to create lessons that are authentic and content to real-life. Using Blooms Taxonomy as a guide, teachers will explore creating driving questions and explore the advantage of designing with the end in mind.

Developing Creativity and Innovation
Tuesday, July 18 – 9 am

ISTE Standards: ISTE-S1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; ISTE-T1, 2, 3; ISTE-C2, 3
Today’s students need to develop beyond core knowledge. With a world that is constantly changing, students who have the ability to think creatively and to be innovative will have an advantage in a digital, information society. Every student is capable, but today’s classrooms need to be designed to develop these skills as opposed to stifling them. This workshop will help teachers learn ways to create learning environments that will allow students to develop their natural creativity and innovative talents.

Teaching Student to Collaborate
Tuesday, July 18 – 10:30  am

ISTE Standards: ISTE-S1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; ISTE-T1, 2, 3, 4; ISTE-C2, 3, 5
When students are put in a group to work together usually one of two things happen: Either one person does all the work; or the group uses the “divide and conquer” method, neither of which is true collaboration. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to help students learn to develop the skills to collaborate with others to create a shared goal or product, to come to a consensus, and to create something that is more than just their individual ideas put together.

Analyzing and Choosing the Right Technology
Tuesday, July 18 – 1 pm

How do you make sure that you are choosing and using technology in a purposeful manner? In this workshop you will explore how the T in the H.E.A.T. framework can assist you in getting the most from your technology and that students are using it in a purposeful manner.

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