The LLI Difference

Teachers are at the center of Lausanne Learning’s mission to engage, empower, and transform. By becoming leaders and learners at LLI events, teachers help other teachers learn the strategies to improve student-centered learning through active, hands-on workshops and innovative professional development.

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Our conferences focus excellent teachers you want to share their knowledge, creating an environment of collaboration and growth instead of "expert" presentations. LLI actively promotes developing regional professional learning networks of active teachers who want to grow and professionalize, thus creating dynamic classrooms throughout the country.

Focus on Active Learning

LLI understands that teachers are learners too, and conference sessions reflect our mission of hands-on, collaborative learning. Instead of leaving a conference with ideas for future research, attendees are provided the time and guidance to develop artifacts they can implement in their classroom the next day. Our popular "fishbowl" class observation sessions give insight to how these strategies are used with real students in a real classroom.

Just Enough, Just in Time

Our sessions focus on the practical strategies and classroom activities that create an active learning environment, from using Google Docs for collaborative writing to paper crafts for Makerspaces. We love talking about the big ideas, but know that teachers want to fill their toolbox to ensure that learning occurs every day. You'll leave an LLI conference energized and excited about using your new skills as soon as you return to your classroom.

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