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LLI Mississippi will bring together effective classroom practices to create empowered learning for students. By offering a personalized, hands-on approach, students become engaged in the classroom and take ownership in their own learning.

Active classrooms captivate students, empowering them to create their own futures. Join teachers from around Mississippi to learn how to create more engaging classrooms.

What is LLI Mississippi

LLI Mississippi is a two-day professional development conference that is designed for teachers to share their practical classroom skills with other teachers in the southeast region. Featuring fishbowl classrooms, active learning sessions, and collaborative events, LLI Mississippi is the new generation of authentic, effective teacher training.

Fishbowl Classrooms

LLI Mississippi provides model classroom experience where expert teachers demonstrate active learning for conference attendees. Simply the most authentic PD available anywhere!

Active Learning Workshops

Active learning workshops follows LLI’s mission of promoting student-centered learning by reducing the amount of lecture and creating hands-on learning that create artifacts for classrooms, not just ideas to research later.

Teachers Teaching Teachers

LLI Mississippi will feature teachers from around the region explaining and demonstrating their best classroom practices. Authentic training from people who use these skills everyday!

Why LLI Mississippi?

Observable classroom practices with expert teachers

LLI Mississippi will provide live classroom observation of innovative learning at work. This year, we’ll have over 40 fishbowls at all age levels, focusing on content from math to science to Makerspaces. Simply the most authentic professional development possible at a conference.

Active learning sessions mean that we practice what we preach. Presenters are asked to limit the Powerpoint time and develop hands-on strategies for session attendees. This gives time to create plans and artifacts with an expert guide instead of leaving the heavy lifting for later. You are guaranteed to have three or four actionable items to use on day one.

LLI Mississippi brings the quality of a national conference with the value that all schools can appreciate. Featuring hands-on professional development, breakfast and lunch for all attendees, access to top regional thought leaders, and membership in LLI’s national network of educators, schools will discover what it really means to engage, empower, and transform.

LLI Mississippi is focused on providing the best student-centered learning strategies from the best teachers in the area. Practical techniques and passionate learning create powerful networks of educators from right down the street, giving you the support you need to help transform schools.

Foundational Concepts for LLI Mississippi

Teachers who empower students work to consistently engage them in content material while also offering a safe learning environment that creates the opportunities for them to speak out, engage with peers, and be risk takers throughout the learning process.

Empowered students need a foundation to communicate with others; therefore, they must be able to communicate in spoken word, written word, art, and media. Successful classrooms teach students how to communicate their personal views while also helping students to be able to receive others’ views in a respectful way.

Empowered teachers are intentional about building authentic relationships with each student in his/her classroom. This leads to the ability to provide a learning environment that meets each child’s individual needs while also showing the students that they are ca.red for and matter.

Collaborative learning empowers students to teach others and helps them to see the value in helping others as they work as part of a team to achieve common goals and problem solve.  

Students who see the value in what they are learning become more empowered learners. Because of this, applying knowledge and connecting it to real life experiences and career opportunities is vital.

Offering a balance of teaching strategies and assessments empowers students in a variety of ways, enhancing learning and bringing content to life. The use of a variety of instructional approaches and assessments strengthens student abilities across a wider spectrum.

Empowered classrooms show students that ultimately they are held accountable for their own learning. When students take ownership for learning, they want to come to class because learning becomes a more enjoyable experience.

Through the use of technology via a multitude of avenues, students become more empowered in the utilization and application of technology in both education and the real world.

Special Guests

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tim Elmore

Founder and President of Growing Leaders
International Speaker and Thought Leader

Dr. Tim Elmore is the Founder and President of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization created to develop emerging leaders. He and his team equip secondary school students, college students and recent graduates from thousands of campuses across the US and around the world to think and act like authentic leaders.

Since founding Growing Leaders, Tim has spoken to more than 500,000 students, coaches, teachers and parents and the organization has partnered with over 8,000 diverse schools, universities and organizations including Purdue University, The University of Alabama Athletics Department, the San Francisco Giants, the Nebraska Department of Education, the National FFA Organization, and the Houston Rockets.

Tim’s expertise on the emerging generation and generational diversity has led to media coverage in The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, USA Today and The Washington Post. He has also appeared on CNN’s Headline News and Fox and Friends to discuss Generation iY. Most recently, Tim was named as one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018 in article by Kevin Kruse for Inc. magazine.

Tim is the author of more than 30 books, including the best-selling Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future, Habitudes®: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, Life Giving Mentors, and 12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid: Leading Your Kids to Succeed in Life. His latest book, entitled Marching Off the Map, released in July 2017.

Google Certified Trainer

Cassie Sanders

Classroom Technology Coach
DeSoto County Schools

A native of New Albany, MS, I graduated with the same number of classmates in my class as the number of schools I now work hand in hand with to provide technology training and support. I am a proud graduate of Blue Mountain College, a wife to an amazing man, and a mother to 3 beautifully, keep me on my toes children who range in ages from 18 to 4. My education journey began as a Special Education teacher who transitioned into the General Education classroom, and then was given the opportunity to feed my passion for technology by becoming a Classroom Technology Coach. I have served the district of DeSoto County for over 12 years. I offer trainings to teachers in the form of PD sessions before, during, and after school. I also help with the implementation of instructional technology within the classroom. My services also include trouble shooting, managing devices, and providing support in any way needed. I have a heart for teaching and a passion for technology! I work with a great team to provide the best that we can to our teachers and our students.

Google Certified Trainer

Jennifer Klinger

Classroom Technology Coach
DeSoto County Schools

Born and raised in Southaven, MS, I serve the same school district in DeSoto County where I attended first through twelfth grade.  I graduated from the University of Mississippi, have been married for 17 years, and together we have one 8-year-old boy who loves Legos, baseball and dogs.  Before taking on my current role four years ago as an Instructional Technology Coach, I taught the intellectually gifted for 15 years and third grade for one year.   I now share my love of technology by working alongside teachers to provide support with their interactive technology, and offer professional development sessions to motivate and inspire the implementation of software, apps, devices, and Google Apps for Education into their lessons plans.

Featured Speaker

Dr. Ronald Kent, Hattiesburg Clinic, Connections and Psychology & Counseling

ADHD Specialist

Join Dr. Kent to learn more and ask questions about ADHD and coexisting disorders. Dr. Kent will share general advice and experiences at LLI Mississippi based on his years of working with individuals with ADHD and related disorders. His workshop will allow each participant an opportunity to expand their knowledge in all areas of ADHD and related disorders.

Dr. Kent has been in practice since 1981 and joined Hattiesburg Clinic in 1997. Dr. Kent received his medical degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson. He completed an internship and residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. He has a special interest in patients with ADHD. Dr. Kent and his wife, Anne, have three children: Emily (and Troy), James (and Jessica) and Grace (and Casey). He is a member of Temple Baptist. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking, gardening, and playing with his 10 grandchildren.


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Presenter – $150


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What Do Teachers Say?

Over 700 schools from around the world have attended LLI events.
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Survey results from over 900 attendees at LLI events in 2017-2018

"This was so fun, we stayed for about 40 minutes afterward. Half an hour into the activity I said to myself,"Oh yeah. I'm at a teacher's conference!"


Academy of the Sacred Heart

"This was awesome!!! They did a great job! I came out so excited about doing this at our school!! Bravo!!!"


Fort Worth Christian Academy

"Very hands on. Loved the new framework we discussed."


Sunnyvale ISD

"This was amazing! Thank you so much. I cannot wait to take these ideas back to my school and classroom!"


Greenhill School

"I heard a student pass by, saying to other students, 'I love this, this is so great,' and there is really no better compliment than that."


The Oakridge School

Keynote Speakers

Matt and Ryan were born and raised in different places. They accumulated lots of degrees at different times and locations.  Fortunately, they eventually joined forces at Providence Day School.  With the help of lots of other people, they helped to form Providence Day’s Center for the Art and Science of Teaching, Learning, and Entrepreneurship.  Since then, they have both been working to mind the gap between who people are and who they aspire to be as teachers, students, and schools.

Their collective areas of expertise include, but are note limited to:

  • curriculum & instruction
  • innovation
  • digital integration
  • marrying up
  • sketchnotes
  • comic books
  • 20th century poetry and poetics
  • Pittsburgh
  • hot wings
  • craft beer
  • field hockey
  • and network optimization

Featured Sessions

For some Americans, “liking” a post on social media is their most frequent act of citizenship, their preferred method of free speech. In this social media context, though, what kinds of political language persuades, and why? In this session, students will learn how to decode & employ methods of propaganda common in political discourse.

Huge progress has been made in getting girls to study STEM topics in the K-12 realm, with record numbers of girls studying coding, engineering and other topics that were once reserved for just a few intrepid girls. What happens next? Given the statistics on the “leave rate” of women in STEM college majors and career fields, what steps can K-12 educators take to help girls thrive in these areas of study now AND in the future. Who better to ask than the girls themselves?

Experience the heart and mind behind creating designers and thinkers in the classroom through interactive experiences and thought-provoking brainstorming.

Students in the Integrated Media program at The Oakridge School have the opportunity to put real-world skills to work in a classroom environment, as well as taking authentic learning into the community through a series of work orders with local businesses and world-wide companies.

The SMU Maker Education Project is dedicated to catalyzing transformational maker-based learning experiences for students in K-12 schools. Our mission is to support a robust and sustainable maker culture in K-12 schools, to create lasting change. We do this by training educators in our innovative approach to maker education, Maker-Based Instruction.

A discussion on transforming a school’s makerspace from a silo of individual, pre-packaged STE(A)M activities that occur as an add-on to a class lesson or after school program, into a fully incorporated-into-the-curriculum educational incubator that centers on empathy and involves the local community.

Disrupt the learning and engage your students by transforming any content into a real-life adventure where students use their content knowledge, critical thinking skills, and teamwork to crack the code and escape the classroom! Join us to learn how to transform your content into an Escape the Classroom adventure and then be ready to experience the mayhem yourself!

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