Gaining STEAM

At LLI Atlantic, teachers are empowered by fellow teachers with effective STEAM strategies. Hosted by National Cathedral School, a regional leader in STEAM education, this conference will feature active learning workshops that promise artifacts, not just ideas.

From coding in a math curriculum to design thinking in art curriculum, LLI Atlantic will help transform schools into powerful places of engaged learning!

What is LLI Atlantic

LLI Atlantic is a two-day professional development conference that is designed for teachers to share their practical classroom skills with other teachers in the East Coast region. Featuring STEAM projects, active learning sessions, and collaborative events, LLI Atlantic is the new generation of authentic, effective teacher training.

STEAM Learning

LLI Atlantic will demonstrate active STEAM projects and practices from expert teachers who use the same ideas in their own classrooms. Get the best advice to create your own classroom wonder!

Active Learning Workshops

Active learning workshops follows LLI's mission of promoting student-centered learning by reducing the amount of lecture and creating hands-on learning that create artifacts for classrooms, not just ideas to research later.

Teachers Teaching Teachers

LLI Atlantic will feature teachers from around the region explaining and demonstrating their best classroom practices. Authentic training from people who use these skills everyday!

Why LLI Atlantic?

STEAM classroom practices with expert teachers

LLI Atlantic will bring world class STEAM teachers who can show their practical skills on bring important concepts out of the innovation spaces and into everyday curriculum and classrooms.

Hands-on Learning for Teachers

Active learning sessions mean that we practice what we preach. Presenters are asked to limit the Powerpoint time and develop hands-on strategies for session attendees. The gives time to create plans and artifacts with an expert guide instead of leaving the heavy lifting for later. You are guaranteed to have three or four actionable items to use on day one.

Quality, Affordable Professional Development

LLI Atlantic brings the quality of a national conference with the value that all schools can appreciate. Featuring hands-on professional development, breakfast and lunch for all attendees, access to top regional thought leaders, and membership in LLI's national network of educators, schools will discover what it really means to engage, empower, and transform.

Collaboration with Local Experts

LLI Atlantic is focused on providing the best student-centered learning strategies from the best teachers in the area. Practical techniques and passionate learning create powerful networks of educators from right down the street, giving you the support you need to help transform schools.


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Individual - $ 375

Group 5+ - $ 300/per

Presenter - $150


Special discounts for LLI Atlantic

 Kimpton Glover Park - $199/night

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Jarrett has fourteen years of K-8 experience designing, building and leading elementary & middle school technology programs (including screen-based technology education and STEAM - Makerspace - Design Thinking experiences). As Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, he has led countless workshops and institutes at local, state, regional and national education conferences. In 2016, he was named as one of twenty Stanford Fablearn Fellows, a diverse group of global educators advocating for maker-centered learning in schools worldwide. Back in 2010, Kevin and several colleagues organized the first-ever Edcamp in Philadelphia; the rest is history. Prior to teaching, Kevin worked for almost twenty years in the private sector, primarily in the fields of information technology project management and professional services consulting. He currently consults full-time for educational institutions across the country, specializing in development, implementation & support of maker-centered learning programs and the hands-on, minds-on learning spaces in which they thrive.

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