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Playground to Podium: Implementing a Long Term Athletic Development Model
Linking Languages to Increase Student Understanding & Collaboration
Eyes and Ears: Immersed in a Foreign Language
SuCCCess in Fund-Raising is Spelled with 3 C’s: Contact, Cultivate and Close
Igniting the Entrepreneurial Mindset
Joyous Lessons,,,,Using Nature to Excite, Inspire and Engage
Investigating How Warm Air and Cold Air Move
Not Just a Cafeteria: Learning and Innovation in Your Largest Classroom
The Art of STEAM
Applying Modifications to Diverse Learners
Sample Size in Minecraft
From Traditional Comments and Skills to Digital Learning Journals
The Seashell Game: Introducing Poetry Writing through Haiku
Implementing Digital Game-Based Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom
Design Thinking with Hyperdocs
Make Thinking Visible with Google Slides
Media Processing Strategies
Twitterer, beware: Propaganda in social media
Developing Professional Learning Communities
Harkness the Power of Discussion
Teaching for the Future
Sentence Imitation and Grammar Dice: Two Models for Teaching Grammar through Deliberate Practice
Boost Critical Thinking with R.A.W. Skills
Grades Ain't Nothing But a Number
Reaching Abstract Learners
Building a School Culture of Mindfulness
Creating Culture in the Classroom
Addressing Implicit Association: It's Not You; It's Me
The more you know, the more you grow!
English is PHUN!!
Design Literacy for Better Visual Communication
Keeping Up With The Times: Using Current Events and The New York Times Learning Network to Improve Student Writing, Enhance Communication Skills and
Tinkering + Technology: Innovate Your MakerSpace
Using a Diversity Book Audit to Bring Instructional Texts to Light
Catalysts for Creativity
Pets in Print: Add Art to Your Classroom with Pet Portraits!
Writing in the MakerSpace
The Student Entrepreneur: A Corporate Classroom
The Perfect Recipe for the Perfect Paragraph
Incorporating Computational Thinking Activities in the Classroom
Quarter Long Projects
Integrating Soft Skills Into Our Curriculum
Managing High School Social Studies Learning using Personality & Political Inventories
Sing, Say Move, Play: Bringing Music into Every Classroom
Interactive Notebooks: How they can help improve and enhance student learning
Teacher/Librarian Collaboration
Design Thinking in Motion
Pre-Algebra Road Trip
What Does a Flipped Math Class Look Like?
Personal Finance in Math Class
Alternative Assessments
Taking the Governor Off
You Say It’s Your Birthday!: Creating Community Through Celebrations
Students Speak: Building a Capstone Presentation
Building Pathways with Self-Assessment
MacGyver 101: S.O.L.V.E. Problems Creatively
Creativity Exercises That Build Connections
Movie and Picture Talk: How to increase input and student engagement in the target language
No More Textbooks! Engaging Students through Primary Sources
Lowering the Affective Filter in the Foreign Language Classroom
Don’t Miss the Mission: Being Intentional
Independent Publishing
Google Level One Workshop Series
Future Problem Solving, Its not JUST an Academic Competition!
Vast Vocabulary
Cha Ching! Making Change
Opera in the Classroom
Math Doesn’t Change, but Students and Technology Have: How Teachers Can Embrace the Change in the Classroom
Theme and Variations as a Creative Model
Making Creativity Visible (Keynote)

Keynote Speaker

Composer Anthony Brandt is a Professor at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music and Artistic Director of the new music ensemble Musiqa, winner of two national awards for adventurous programming.   He and neuroscientist David Eagleman have co-authored The Runaway Species; How Human Creativity Remakes the WorldThe book is the official selection of the 2018-19 Common Experience at Texas State University; it is being released in ten countries and is the basis for the upcoming documentary “The Creative Brain,” hosted by Dr. Eagleman.  Dr. Brandt’s musical compositions include two chamber operas, as well as orchestral, chamber, vocal, theater, dance and television scores.  He has co-authored articles for the journals Frontiers and Brain Connectivity and an upcoming chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology.  With Musiqa, he presents inter-disciplinary public concerts and free educational programming that have served over 50,000 students at over 200 Houston area public schools. Dr. Brandt has organized three international conferences at Rice on “Exploring the Mind through Music.” He has been awarded Rice University’s George R. Brown and Phi Beta Kappa teaching prizes.

Special Guests

Google Certified Trainer

Cassie Sanders

Classroom Technology Coach
DeSoto County Schools

A native of New Albany, MS, I graduated with the same number of classmates in my class as the number of schools I now work hand in hand with to provide technology training and support. I am a proud graduate of Blue Mountain College, a wife to an amazing man, and a mother to 3 beautifully, keep me on my toes children who range in ages from 18 to 4. My education journey began as a Special Education teacher who transitioned into the General Education classroom, and then was given the opportunity to feed my passion for technology by becoming a Classroom Technology Coach. I have served the district of DeSoto County for over 12 years. I offer trainings to teachers in the form of PD sessions before, during, and after school. I also help with the implementation of instructional technology within the classroom. My services also include trouble shooting, managing devices, and providing support in any way needed. I have a heart for teaching and a passion for technology! I work with a great team to provide the best that we can to our teachers and our students.

Google Certified Trainer

Jennifer Klinger

Classroom Technology Coach
DeSoto County Schools

Born and raised in Southaven, MS, I serve the same school district in DeSoto County where I attended first through twelfth grade.  I graduated from the University of Mississippi, have been married for 17 years, and together we have one 8-year-old boy who loves Legos, baseball and dogs.  Before taking on my current role four years ago as an Instructional Technology Coach, I taught the intellectually gifted for 15 years and third grade for one year.   I now share my love of technology by working alongside teachers to provide support with their interactive technology, and offer professional development sessions to motivate and inspire the implementation of software, apps, devices, and Google Apps for Education into their lessons plans.


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