Become a Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant

Teachers are at the center of Lausanne Learning’s mission to engage, empower, and transform. Transforming schools must start from the teacher level and be supported by empowered teachers.

  • Examine key documents (as requested by the Teacher Consultant)
  • Look at the school’s website
  • Speak with the Headmaster
  • Speak with at least two faculty leaders

Comment: preparation means understanding the school’s mission, the charge the Headmaster is giving, and getting an introduction to the school itself.

  • Travel in the morning and arrive at the school
  • Spend the afternoon visiting classrooms, talking to students, and observing teachers

Comment: The Teacher Consultant must understand the actual lived culture of the school, get to meet the faculty and students, write some reflections in the evening, and complete preparations for the following day.


Day Two:

  • Run two or more fishbowls with reflection time in the morning
  • Begin design time with faculty, faculty teams for next steps in the afternoon

Comment: a fishbowl is an observed class taught by the Teacher Consultant. The engagement of students is key as well as the opportunity for the school’s teachers to observe and reflect. There are no guarantees when working with children and so there is always deep insight in the areas of success and, potentially, of failure. Faculty are inspired to engage deeply themselves in their own design process as they plan for what they are going to do in their own classrooms. It is optimal if the students are not there for the afternoon.

Day Three

  • Continue design time with faculty, faculty teams

Comment: This design time can also include observation and feedback from the Teacher Consultant, continuing to work in teams, and a final reflection at lunchtime. It is optimal if the day is redesigned to allow those teams to meet with the Teacher Consultant for an hour at a time or more.

  • Travel out in the afternoon

Comment: There will be two follow-up phone/Skype calls to reflect on progress, report on the direction taken, and gain advice and counsel on next steps.

Basic Elements of an LL Consultant Visit

A Teacher Consultant visit can take many forms. This process shows the basic elements that should be present laid out over a general timeline.

The Road to Becoming a Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant

Why is there a process to becoming a consultant?

It sounds like a bureaucracy. The reason is straightforward. You are going to impact the lives of teachers who are at the beginning of their careers, who are stalled in their careers, who are maybe as experienced as you and want to continue growing, and you are going to inspire them on behalf of children. That’s an exciting opportunity as well as a significant responsibility. That shouldn’t be taken lightly and Lausanne Learning should exercise due diligence to ensure that students are benefited through your work. Hopefully you want that accountability for yourself, to feel pride in being a Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant, and to be able to believe in and trust in your fellow LLTCs, whether you know them or not.

So there is a road. We try not to make it bureaucratic or time consuming. We assume that you are willing to put in effort as you model your leadership in taking this road. In order to apply, there are three prerequisites:

  1. You are a master teacher in your area/s of expertise*
  2. You have at least 5 years teaching experience
  3. You are a currently practicing teacher using the skill/s you will be teaching

* Teachers cannot be brilliant at everything. A master teacher has a wide repertoire of skills. You do not have do not have to have every skill. The school can expect the LLTC to be exceptional in the area required by the consult, not in every area of teaching. This is important for the client school’s teachers to also understand as they grapple with a learning journey where success and failure are both important teachers and where their own growth is a critical outcome.

Typically, the road to becoming a Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant takes the following path:

  1. You apply for Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant (LLTC) status
  2. You are recognized and recommended by your own school. No-one knows you as well as your own school. We send between three and six online recommendation forms to be filled in. They go to:
    1. If you teach 7th – 12th grade, at least three students
    2. Two of your teaching peers
    3. Either your academic administrator whom you report to or your Head of School
  3. You present at an LLI Conference. Lausanne Learning will put on 8 conferences in 2018 so there are plenty to choose from. Your presentation will demonstrate your commitment and skill in active learning.
  4. You carry out two hours of LLTC training: this is carried out as an online conference using Zoom and includes some of the habits and practices of professional consultants. It is not related to teaching per se.
  5. Being engaged by a school (probationary visit) accompanied by an LL consultant
  6. Final approval by Lausanne Learning and a positive Feedback Report from the school
  7. All LLTCs are required to demonstrate the five Lausanne Learning Consulting Characteristics and abide by the Lausanne Learning Consultant Principles.

The forms and principles are available to view here as well, so that you may begin your journey today!

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