Engage an LL Teacher Consultant

Teachers should teach teachers. Our mission to engage students, empower teachers, and transform schools is led by this simple statement, and our Teacher Consultants are a key part of this idea.

Why Engage an LL Teacher Consultant

All of our Teacher Consultants are practicing teachers. Teachers should teach teachers.

Our Teacher Consultants are amazing practitioners who hone their craft on a daily basis in their own classrooms. They do not claim to know everything about everything. They do claim that in their area of consulting, they are expert, continually researching, testing, listening to their students to gain maximum impact from their teaching in student learning. Through experience, study, intentional practice, listening, learning from their colleagues, they have got to a point where students are really engaged in their classrooms. That is their primary objective when partnering with you in your own classroom and school.

Why Engaged?

Why engaged? Because engaged students:

  • Lose themselves in learning, finding flow
  • Learn at a deeper level, moving from knowing to understanding
  • Have no time and do not desire to pose a behavioral challenge
  • Want to come to your class, in fact hurry to class
  • Don’t want to leave your class, in fact talk about the class on the way to the next one
  • Fulfill a potential neither they nor you knew was possible
  • Enjoy learning

Think about it! How do your students own their engagement? While going to workshops and participating in networks are valuable for learning, nothing replaces the immediacy, expectancy, and urgency of having a Teacher Consultant at your school to help you implement with your team, division, or whole school what you may have experienced in an LLI conference setting.

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