Lausanne Learning Consulting Principles

The Lausanne Learning Mission is Engage Students; Empower Faculty; Transform Schools. To this end, all of our consultants endorse the following principles, both as consultants and in their own teaching.

I know, understand, respect and support the school’s mission

At the center of every conversation is meeting the child’s needs

We meet the child where the child is

I am a servant leader in my approach (see note)

I am expert in my area of consulting

I am authoritative in my area of consulting

I am facilitative in my approach to consulting

I ask questions

I provide solutions fitted to the school I am with

I am flexible

I am committed to my own ongoing professional growth

I am professional in my dress, speech, and actions

I hold all information entirely confidential


Note: the term servant leader includes the following ideas:

Do those served grow as persons?

Does the school served become better in its mission delivery?

Am I a nurturer of joy in the lives of children?

Am I self-aware, accepting my gifts and the gifts of others?

Ready to Engage a Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant?

See our Teacher Consultants and read about their teaching journeys here, and fill out the form below to start the conversation. You can also text or call Simon Jeynes, Lausanne Learning Executive Director, at 519-401-2351 or Amber Colvin, Lausanne Learning Coordinator, at 901-591-1160 with any questions or to start transforming your school today!


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What's the Cost for Engaging a Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant?

That’s hard to say because they’re all different. However, to give you an idea, a recent agreement with a school was in the area of:

 Problem-Based Learning and Learning Differences

The contract included two full days on site along with preparation and follow-up. Total cost to the school was $2800 and expenses. Just so you know, Lausanne Learning doesn’t want the Teacher Consultant’s own classes to suffer during this time and we pay for a guest teacher to cover those classes!

Reach out today to discuss how a Lausanne Learning Teacher Consultant can help transform your school!

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