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Do you want to transform your school and reinvigorate your mission statement? Consider engaging an administrator consultant!

Why Engage an LL Administrator Consultant

If you are a school looking for some advice with regard to teaching students, please go to our Teaching Consultant pages. If you would like a more strategic approach to issues at your school, then you are in the right place. Typical requests for LL Administrator Consultants include:

  • Systemic enhancements that improve student learning
  • Mission and Vision writing that allows the school to move forward meeting the challenges of enrolment and market positioning in each new decade
  • Rethinking the Board strategic function and role to support the Head of School
  • The place of message and writing as the Website becomes the primary strategic portal for people to find your school
  • Analysis identifying strengths and weaknesses in your fund-raising
  • Discrete administrative strengths training for individual members of the team
  • Executive Coaching for the Head of School
  • Leadership succession thinking and planning to ensure an integrated funnel leading to long-term stability

If you would like to talk with us about an aspect of Administrator Consulting, please fill in the form below so that we can begin a conversation.

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Becoming a Lausanne Learning Administrator Consultant

So what does it take to become an LL Administrator Consultant?

If you are an Administrator Consultant, you are a leader in the field. You have, through experience, study, intentional practice, listening, learning from your colleagues, got to a point where your professional practice is a significant factor in your school’s success.

Whether you are a Head of School, academic administrator, business manager, or in the area of enrollment / marketing/ development, you are leading your area of the school in ways that meet the challenges of a 21st century environment. Your school has good enrollment, sound finances, and your faculty are constantly interrogating practice on behalf of students. You are committed to transformation through empowering faculty and engaging students. You constantly remind those around you that the students are the center of the conversation. Their success is recognized certainly in averages and test scores, but far more importantly in the quality of their school experience and the quality of their future study and life as graduates.

  1. You are a master administrator in at least one area of school leadership
  2. You have at least 5 years administrative experience with at least 10 years of experience in schools
  3. You are currently an administrator in the area in which you would like to consult
  4. You would like to help two or three schools a year and gain invaluable experience for yourself


You exemplify Lausanne Learning’s Five Characteristics of a Consultant:

  1. Student-Centered Character: LL Consultants always keep each student at the center of the conversation in imagining what “could be” from “what is”
  2. Sustaining Character: LL Consultants are focused on working with the school to implement practices that can be sustained over the long term to support the school’s mission
  3. Imaginative Character: LL Consultants are expert and thus can imagine different answers as you interrogate the key question or questions that you are being asked
  4. Independent Character: LL Consultants ensure that their clients become independent of them over time, not co-dependent
  5. Fearless Character: LL Consultants won’t tell their clients what they want to hear but what, in their professional opinion, should be said

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