Why a Lausanne Learning Administrator Consultant?

Do you want to transform your school and reinvigorate your mission statement? Consider engaging an administrator consultant!

It begins with mission. Lausanne Learning’s mission.

Engage Students. Empower Faculty. Transform Schools.

You want an Lausanne Learning Administrator Consultant because it’s not about the money, the prestige, or the resume. It’s always about the children. Whether you are looking at your strategic plan, your next campaign, enrollment and re-recruitment challenges, financial analysis, or working with your Board, if the child / student is not at the center of the conversation you won’t be able to recognize a transformative solution from a business-like solution.

We have no illusions. There are lots of consultants. Some of them are really good.

But if you hire an Lausanne Learning Administrator Consultant, you can be sure of four things:

  1. they will be student-centered based on your mission
  2. they will be focused on transformation, not business as usual
  3. they will be experienced in the big picture as well as in the details
  4. they are passionate, expert, with common-sense

They know today’s students. They are master administrators in their area of expertise, have over 10 years of experience, and are often currently doing the very thing you are interested in. They are also leaders of leaders, having presented at conferences, led initiatives at their own schools, and been innovative thinkers acting as thought leaders with their colleagues.

Check out our growing list of administrator consultants (clickthrough) and imagine one of them helping you transform your school. They will challenge you and your own leadership team. They will bring a growth mindset, their own successes and failures, they’ll have plenty of current examples from today’s schools, they’ll inspire your culture as a peer with all the authority that provides.

If you want someone who is student-centered, focused on transformation, experienced, and passionate, you’ll want a Lausanne Learning Administrator Consultant.

Fill out the form below, or text or call Simon Jeynes, Lausanne Learning Executive Director, at 519-401-2351 or Amber Colvin, Lausanne Learning Coordinator, at 901-860-1946 to discuss bringing an administrator consultant to your school!

Ready to Engage a Lausanne Learning Administrator Consultant?

Fill out the form below to start the conversation. You can also text or call Simon Jeynes, Lausanne Learning Executive Director, at 519-401-2351 or Amber Colvin, Lausanne Learning Coordinator, at 901-591-1160 with any questions or to start transforming your school today!


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