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LL Institutes

About the Lausanne Learning Institute

The Lausanne Learning Institutes (LLI) are premier professional development opportunities by . teacher for teachers. It is an arm of Lausanne Learning whose mission is to Engage Students; Empower Teachers; Transform Schools. At the Institutes, amazing educators share their expertise and their insights with their colleagues providing practical, engaging, hands-on, cutting-edge teaching practices.

When teachers attend LLI, they meet and form a network of like-minded professionals who are student-centered, innovative, and passionate. Usually attending in teams, they learn from the workshop leaders and the keynote presenters while talking with each other about implementation in their own classrooms and schools.

Often, there is also opportunity to see teachers practice with students of the host schools in authentic classroom settings. These are called fishbowls and allow attendees to sit and observe while a “real” class is being conducted with opportunities for reflection and Q & A afterwards.

Through LLI, teachers can continue to grow from the beginning to the ends of their careers, learning from the best, and sharing their own professional expertise as presenters in the common desire to improve learning for students. Teachers can also contribute to “Empower”, the Lausanne Learning PD monthly letter that shares educational research within the LLI community. LLI presenters also have opportunities to deepen their own understanding through consulting opportunities where they go to other schools in order to work with groups of teachers on-site.

We look forward to seeing you at LLI!


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