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Miami, Florida

At LLI Florida, lower school teachers are given the attention they deserve for quality student centered professional development. Workshops led by practicing teachers will empower others to engage their students.

From project based learning to social and emotional responses, LLI Florida will help transform your school toward developing powerful future scholars.

Early Learning Conference

Too many innovative conferences today focus on the needs of high school students, those who have more access to technology and innovative design. However, LLI Florida believes that elementary age children are the most important factor in developing future scholars who can think creatively and critically, exploring the world around them.

LLI Florida is currently seeking practicing teachers to lead sessions on their most effective student centered lessons. Whether it's an overall theory or a specific module, share your ideas with others and join the collaboration!

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Includes all sessions, breakfasts/lunches, and conference events

  • $375 – Individual registration

  • $300 – Group registration for five or more (per attendee)

  • $225 – Presenter discounted fee

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