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Making Learning Visible

At LLI Southwest, faculty leaders want to empower their colleagues through hands-on understanding of the learning process. Visible learning is seeing engaged students and teachers interacting in real time and imagining transformation in their own school.

Making learning visible means not only talking about best strategies, but actually witnessing the practice together. Come see a true PD experience where students and professionals can learn together.

Our Unique Fishbowl Sessions

LLI Southwest is one of the only conferences for educators that actually shows you how innovative strategies work in a classroom. By allowing educators to propose lesson plans, we provide a group of age-appropriate students as a class while attendees observe. Thereafter, a reflection period allows observers to discuss and consider these strategies, giving them the tools to unlock the power of student centered learning in their own schools.

Submit a proposal to teach a class or just present a general session by using the link below.


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"This was awesome!!! They did a great job! I came out so excited about doing this at our school!! Bravo!!!"  J.S. - Fort Worth Christian Academy

"Very hands on. Loved the new framework we discussed."  A.B. - Sunnyvale ISD

"This was amazing! Thank you so much. I cannot wait to take these ideas back to my school and classroom!"  L.M. - Greenhill School

"This was so fun, we stayed for about 40 minutes afterward. Half an hour into the activity I said to myself,"Oh yeah. I'm at a teacher's conference!"  D.V. - Academy of the Sacred Heart


Includes all sessions, breakfasts/lunches, and conference events

  • $375 – Individual registration

  • $300 – Group registration for five or more (per attendee)

  • $225 – Presenter discounted fee

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