Jessica Bialowas

Curriculum Design, Alternative Assessments

Faunne Brown

STEM Curriculums, Hands-On Learning

Amy Brownlee

STEAM, Integrated Math, Entrepreneurship, Technology Curriculum

Amber Colvin

Humanities Curriculum, Social Studies, History, Organizational Coaching

Stewart Crais

School Operations, Security, Buildings and Ground Management, Event Management, Technology Department Organization and Management, Auxiliary Programs (School Stores, After School Care, Summer Camps)

Samantha Douglas

Social Emotional Learning, SEL Programming, Advisory Programs, Community Engagement

Greg Graber

Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Mindfulness and Athletics, School Culture

John Hawkins

College Advisement, College Counseling Program Administration, Internship and Experience Advising

Simon Jeynes

Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Scheduling, Faculty Culture and Strategic Academic Planning, and School Performance Analysis

Jojo Juarez

Athletic Development, Teaching the Whole Child, Holistic Education

Lauren Marold

Makerspaces, Technology Integration, Maker Mindsets, Design Thinking, Space Redesign, Campus Professional Learning

Stuart McCathie

Strategic Planning, Strategic Financial Planning, School Identity, School Visioning,  Governance 101, and Head Mentoring

Maggie Parry

Integration of New Ways of Thinking and Learning, Professional Learning, Makerspaces, Design Thinking, Project-Based Learning

Robin Pohlman

Literacy, Assessment

Lindy Roberson

Maker Mindsets, Creative Learning Environments, Inquiry-Based Learning

Rachael Rovner

Differentiated Curriculum, Social Skills, Social Emotional Learning

Janet Slesinski

Student-Centered Learning, Problem Solving Skills, Curriculum Development

Priya Singhvi

Cultural Competency, Social Emotional Learning, Equitable Learning, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Restorative Justice, Equity and Inclusion, Movement and Mindfulness

Drew Smith

Media Relations, Social Media Outreach, Strategic Communications Planning, Video Production

Jessica Varela

Design Thinking, STEAM/STEM, Project & Problem Based Learning, Makerspaces

Bill Wallace

Experiential Learning, STEM, Problem Solving, Scientific Research and Discovery

David Yarborough

Design Thinking, Project-Based Learning, Student Engagement

Matt Zigler

Makerspaces, Interdisciplinary Studies, Design Thinking


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