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I am the Middle School Guidance Counselor and Learning Specialist for Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN. My counseling program at Lausanne focuses on supporting students’ social and emotional development as they seek their own journeys. I collaborate with students’ teachers and families to foster a holistic approach for meeting students’ needs. Our counseling program also offers short-term individual and group counseling. Prior to working at Lausanne, I worked with Shelby County Schools as a middle school counselor and with Youth Villages as a clinical mental health counselor/clinical liaison for adolescents.

I am a National Certified Counselor with practice areas in career development, childhood and adolescence, clinical mental health, counselor education, and school. I earned my Master of Science in Counselor Education and Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Mississippi State University. I also have post-graduate training specific to school counseling from the University of Memphis.

I am passionate about intentionally integrating social and emotional learning into the natural rhythms experienced in educational settings. Social and emotional learning can be as directive as spending ten minutes each school day teaching self-management, social, and communication skills or starting each class period with a mindful moment. Social and emotional learning can also occur by incorporating student-led parent/teacher conferences, building authentic connections with students, and using a strengths-based approach to understanding students.

The research outcomes of incorporating social and emotional development into schools include:

  • improved academic outcomes
  • more effective use of social emotional skills
  • improved attitudes toward self and others
  • enhanced prosocial behaviors
  • decreased conduct problems
  • better ability to manage emotional distress



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As a Lausanne Learning Consultant, Courtnay exemplifies the LL Five Consulting Characteristics:

  1. Student-Centered Character: LL Consultants always keep each student at the center of the conversation in imagining what “could be” from “what is”
  2. Sustaining Character: LL Consultants are focused on working with the school to implement practices that can be sustained over the long term to support the school’s mission
  3. Imaginative Character: LL Consultants are expert and thus can imagine different answers as you interrogate the key question or questions that you are being asked
  4. Independent Character: LL Consultants ensure that their clients become independent of them over time, not co-dependent
  5. Fearless Character: LL Consultants won’t tell their clients what they want to hear but what, in their professional opinion, should be said

Courtnay Veazey

Lower/Middle School Guidance Counselor

Lausanne Collegiate School

1381 West Massey Road

Memphis, TN 38120

tel. 901-474-1040

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