Rachael Rovner - Differentiated Curriculum, Social Skills, Social Emotional Learning

My name is Rachael Rovner. I have been educating children ages 6 weeks old through 7th grade over the past 16 years. I began my teaching career in NYC in early childhood and middle school. My focus was child-centered, project-based learning with an integrated curriculum. After moving to Cleveland OH, I taught Early Childhood for 11 years. In that time, I got trained in the Reggio Emilia Philosophy of education. My focus remained child-centered with an added component of community learning and contribution to the world around. Over my 11 years in Cleveland, I began parent mentoring and giving parents tools to aide in home struggles as well as school and social conflicts.
I went back to school after having my own 4 children and got a masters degree in Mild to Moderate Special Education with a focus on Social Skills, from Notre Dame College.
Upon moving to Memphis, I began teaching first and second grade. I created nontraditional classrooms that are child-centered and focus on regular informal assessments, creating a differentiated curriculum for each student. The children work on large projects using benchmark skills, integrating all parts of the curriculum and incorporating social skills.
This year, I will be teaching first grade as well as leading our new social skills curriculum as Social Skills Growth Coordinator. This added component of my job will allow me to lead social skills groups in each grade weekly, aide teachers in conflict resolution in their classrooms and teach children to monitor and adjust their trigger emotions and behaviors.
I'm a big believer in finding a child's motivating emotion and using that to inspire them to learn. Every child is a creator and innovator. I like to create environments in which safe risks are encouraged, failure is vital, and children learn to support each other and become self-aware of themselves.
I have published two children books. Sizzle Sizzle and Strike a Pose were both published in 2013.

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If you would like to engage Rachael, please fill in the form below or email Lausanne Learning Director acolvin@lausannelearning.com. Rachael’s contact information is below if you would like to talk to her directly.

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As a Lausanne Learning Mentor, Rachael exemplifies the Lausanne Learning Five Characteristics:

  1. Student-Centered Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors always keep each student at the center of the conversation in imagining what “could be” from “what is”
  2. Sustaining Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors are focused on working with the school to implement practices that can be sustained over the long term to support the school’s mission
  3. Imaginative Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors are expert and thus can imagine different answers as you interrogate the key question or questions that you are being asked
  4. Independent Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors ensure that their clients become independent of them over time, not co-dependent
  5. Fearless Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors won’t tell their clients what they want to hear but what, in their professional opinion, should be said


Sizzle Sizzle: A Chanukah Counting Book

Strike a Pose

Rachael Rovner

Social Skills Growth Coordinator

Bornblum Jewish Community School

6651 Humphreys Boulevard

Memphis, TN 38120

tel. 901-747-2665


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