Stewart Crais - School Operations, School Technology, Auxiliary Programs

In his twenty-sixth year at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, Tennessee, Stewart Crais serves as the school's director of operations, overseeing all aspects of the physical campus including technology infrastructure and planning, construction projects, buildings and grounds, summer and after school programs, dining services, auxiliary programs, conference and facility rentals, and long range planning. A graduate of Rhodes College, Crais also is former director of the Lausanne Laptop Institute, an international conference for K-12 schools using or considering 1:1 programs, and past President of the Memphis Area Independent School – Technology Education Consortium. In addition to online publication contributions and articles in print media, Crais is the coauthor of "Technology Usage and Administration at the Independent School: Balancing Control and Autonomy" in Looking Ahead: Independent School Issues and Answers published by the National Association of Independent Schools.

Engage Stewart Crais

If you would like to engage Stewart, please fill in the form below or email Lausanne Learning Director acolvin@lausannelearning.com. Stewart’s contact information is below if you would like to talk to him directly.

Mentor Contact

As a Lausanne Learning Mentor, Stewart exemplifies the Lausanne Learning Five Characteristics:

  1. Student-Centered Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors always keep each student at the center of the conversation in imagining what “could be” from “what is”
  2. Sustaining Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors are focused on working with the school to implement practices that can be sustained over the long term to support the school’s mission
  3. Imaginative Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors are expert and thus can imagine different answers as you interrogate the key question or questions that you are being asked
  4. Independent Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors ensure that their clients become independent of them over time, not co-dependent
  5. Fearless Character: Lausanne Learning Mentors won’t tell their clients what they want to hear but what, in their professional opinion, should be said

Stewart Crais

Director of Operations

Lausanne Collegiate School

1381 West Massey Road

Memphis, TN 38120

tel. 901-474-1004


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