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Tech Coach Academy

Chelsy Ensworth




Chelsy Ensworth
Middle School Technology Integrationist
Ensworth School

Julie King




Julie King
Director of Hedges Library
Baylor School


What is a Tech Coach?
Monday, July 17 – 9:30 am

This session will provide a broad overview of the role of a Tech Coach in K-12 educational settings.  A teacher-minded tech coach, bridging IT and faculty, is a critical school position for ensuring purposeful integration of technology. Topics covered will include required foundational knowledge, education, and common challenges and opportunities Tech Coaches face.

Through guided discussion, participants will work to understand the facets of tech coaching. Session attendees will develop an individual vision statement for a Tech Coach position pertinent to their school situation.

EdTech Professional Development
Monday, July 17 – 11 am

Professional Development for educators is essential for meaningful integration of instructional technology.  This session will present a wide variety of options for planning and implementing engaging professional development including 1:1, group-based, synchronous and asynchronous settings.

Attendees will participate in a model session of audience assessment, develop a live “unconference” agenda as a group, and create a sample app-based training module to share with participants and add to their own Tech Coach playbooks.

Digital Citizenship Course Plan
Monday, July 17 – 1:30 pm

Students may be comfortable using devices, but one job facing us as educators is to help them learn to use that technology well.  This session will present a comprehensive overview and practical resources for teaching effective and ethical online research, maintaining a positive digital footprint and working with families to create safe technology use habits at school and home.

Participants will work in groups to create effective flowcharts reflecting the research process across grades and curricula.   Several elements of the personal EdTech coach playbook will be created by each attendee, including an original research journal template, website evaluation tool, student technology contract and self-assessment tool for students regarding their digital citizenship.  Each element of the playbook may be a document, interactive, site, or hands-on activity for student use.

Framework Training
Monday, July 17 – 3 pm

Tech coaches work closely with teachers to ensure that technology integration is meaningful for students. To help avoid teachers “using tech for tech’s sake”, tech coaches can train teachers in technology standards and in the implementation and evaluation of an educational technology instructional framework for lessons. Tech coaches drive technology curriculum mapping and scope and sequencing, and also coordinate technology skills and objectives with content area curricula.
Participants will begin with a big-picture study of the tech coaching and teaching standards provided by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). Discussion and evaluation of sample lessons will help attendees develop skills in applying frameworks such as SAMR to determine degrees of technology integration, from substitution to redefinition. Participants will reconsider their classroom tools and digital portfolio through instructional framework lenses, and they are encouraged to bring their own curriculum for review.

Digital Textbooks: Full Court Press
Tuesday, July 18 – 9  am

The tech coach is the bridge between students, teachers, curriculum, and IT. A comprehensive understanding of digital textbook options and knowledge of deployment logistics is needed to support this important piece of educational technology. Participants will learn strategies for juggling the needs and wants of all involved.

Participants will bring their digital textbooks to this session for hands-on review and discussion. They will develop a personalized digital textbook research and deployment plan and will learn how to evaluate it and adapt.

Developing Your Own Plan: the Playbook
Tuesday, July 18 – 10:30 am

Tech coaches need to implement a practical plan in order to be effective innovators. This session takes a multi-faceted approach to developing the tech coach as a professional, including adapting and perfecting coaching strategies and resources.

Attendees will develop their own personal learning community through active participation in social media and online professional groups. They will create a digital portfolio of online tools and resources, and will practice new strategies for addressing the challenges of coaching teachers to innovation in the classroom.

What’s Next: Coming Down the EdTech Pipeline
Tuesday, July 18 – 1  pm

A key aspect of successful EdTech coaching is being able to introduce teachers and students to emerging technologies and develop effective ways to embed those technologies in the educational process.  This session will preview trends, new technologies and growing movements in the world of instructional technology.

Participants will create a sample startup tool kit list for a school-based Makerspace, try a variety of new educational apps and have an opportunity to try the Google Cardboard virtual reality interface.

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