The Lausanne Learning Difference

Lausanne Learning Institute conferences are different, and that difference shows in the excitement and joy teachers experience. These testimonials have been shared with us at our conferences - join us at a conference and share your experiences!

"I thought it was amazing! The conferences, the school, the people and students. It was welcoming, fun and it was one of the best conferences I have ever taken part in."

"Fishbowl is an amazing concept. Actually seeing teachers and students in action.. All the difference in the world."

"Every session I attended was super! I only wish I could have attended every session you offered. We had a share time after we returned to school, and we will continue sharing with our colleagues. It was the best conference I have ever attended!!"

"I was very impressed and would continue to seek Lausanne Learning conferences. As a small independent school seeking good PD for our teachers without much travel, this is a great solution."

"I am new to Lausanne Learning. I was a teacher for 30 years in the public school system, and, though I have been to numerous continuing education sessions and learning conferences, this was the best I've attended so far. I liked the variety of sessions - it was easy to identify some that could be helpful to me in my classroom. Also, it seemed to be very well organized."

"I loved this experience. It made me want to go into classrooms within my own school. I want to see how other teachers teach and strategies they use."

"Finally, inservice that I can and will use in my discipline!"

"Being able to interact with other teachers in a relaxed setting made it easy to ask questions and share ideas. I feel like I came away with so many wonderful ideas to use with my students! It was fun and exciting."

"I have been teaching for fifteen years and been to many, many conferences and this has to be one of the best I've ever been to."

"All of my sessions were so informative and energized me for learning!"

"Energizing! Each presenter had really taken time to think out their information and make the time spent with them engaging and meaningful. I really appreciate that!"

"Thank you for all the encouragement, kindness and energy you showed us!! You all inspire us to go further, be more bold in the classroom and remember we have fellow brothers and sisters in the teaching world that support each other are on the same side!!! That is so uplifting to know!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Took away many new tools and ideas. Well worth it! Everything was so good. Great facility and hosts. Delicious food and snacks. Excellent presenters!"

"Loved spending lots of time with other educators!"

"This was a powerful experience. If your goal was to empower the participants, then bravo!"

"Instead of just talking about concepts you can see them in action!"

"Lausanne Learning has been one of the best conferences I have attended in many years."

"This was the best conference I have ever been to, hands down."

"Thank you for working so hard to better the educational process for the teachers and the students! I can not imagine the time and effort that went into planning this event and from my perspective I can not imagine it going any better."

"I can only say good things about my experience and hope more of our teachers will have the opportunity to attend future conferences."

"I appreciate all the work that y'all do to make each conference a success!"

"This was so fun, we stayed for about 40 minutes afterward. Half an hour into the activity I said to myself, 'Oh yeah. I'm at a teacher's conference!"

"The sessions I attended were really well planned and organized. The presenters were all professional. I have some great resources to take back to my classroom."

"I am blown away by the presenters and practicality of the sessions presented. My only issue was that there were too many fantastic ones to attend them all!"

"I loved the fishbowl sessions. It was great to see the concepts taught live. I thought each session was well done and applicable."

"Thank you for continuing to make our learning community more supportive of all educators for the benefit of our scholars!"

"I love that this conference didn't center around common classroom practices. It was nice to learn new theories specifically geared to a college prep school. "

"I was very enlightened and encouraged by the speakers and the overall atmosphere. I always enjoy meeting other educators and learning helpful tips and philosophies. Truly, with the wonderful technology that we have in abundance, I feel it's our sincere responsibility to teach our students how to balance screen learning with outdoor learning/people skills. We need more ideas and accountability on this topic if we want them to grow to be responsible stewards of our planet, and the "soft skill champions" that we say we want them to be."

"It's a great network of passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable educators, and our team found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable event!"

"Thank you for everything... I would recommend Lausanne Learning to other teachers I know!"

"I was impressed that there were no dud presentations on my schedule. All of the sessions were informative, and the format allowed for more Q&A than I am used to from other conferences."


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