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About Us

Lausanne Learning

We care deeply about children. We want all children to have joy in learning through engaged and authentic experiences.

We are a teacher centered organization. We believe that teachers are best empowered by other great teachers.

We believe that our schools can be transformed by us and continue to be transformative.

We are called Lausanne Learning because during our institutes, through our school consulting and advising, and in our resources, teachers help each other transform schools one classroom at a time.

We are called Lausanne Learning because the genius of teachers at Lausanne Collegiate School inspired us to find teachers like that across North America and ask them to create the journey of engagement, empowerment, and transformation with us.

We provide services through Lausanne Learning Institutes (LLI), Lausanne Learning Consulting (LLC), and Lausanne Learning Resources (LLR).

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded in 2016 by Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis TN.


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