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Social Emotional Learning

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What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Overview of CASEL’s definition of social emotional learning. Discuss various organizations currently researching SEL (e.g. Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence & CharacterLab).  Provide rationale for incorporating SEL into all academic subjects.

The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on SEL

Definition of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and history of the CDC’s ACE study. Role of how ACE affect students’ receptiveness to SEL. Discussion of how trauma affects brain development.

Self-Care Within the Context of SEL

Message of how SEL is done with students – not to them. Definition of self-care and its role in being an effective educator/school counselor. Review of CASEL’s Core  SEL Competencies and reflection on how those skills, attitudes, and behaviors are evident in our own lives.

SEL Through the Lens of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)

Presentation of how the IBO views SEL. Discussion of research regarding social and emotional well-being in Baccalaureate World Schools.

SEL in the Classroom

Discussion of practical ways educators can incorporate SEL concepts into their classrooms.

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Overachieving Students

Definition of growth mindset and grit. Explanation of how overachieving students and students with perfectionistic tendencies struggle with the Growth Mindset concept. Discussion of strategies for working with students who experience a fixed mindset.

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