March 12-13, 2020

Trinity Preparatory School & Park Maitland School

What is Lausanne Learning: Dare to Design?

Lausanne Learning: Dare to Design is a PK-12 teacher's conference focusing on design thinking in the classroom, in schools, and in life! What is design thinking? Design Thinking is, "process for creative problem solving...it has a human-centered core. It encourages organizations to focus on the people they're creating for, which leads to better products, services, and internal processes." (IDEO U) Any teacher, any student can be a design thinker - submit your best design thinking ideas as a workshop presenter, or attend and learn from your peers!

See the conference schedule here!

Workshop List

This is a partial list - see the Lausanne Learning app for the complete schedule!

Design Thinking in Early Childhood: They Can Do It, Too!
Introduction G Suite in the Early Elementary Classroom
Design Thinking with Hyperdocs
Making it Matter - Computer Science for All
Is it hot in here? It must be #FlipgridFever!
Entrepreneurship: How to Create a Business in Your Classroom
CoSpaces: Students as Creators of VR content
Using Design Thinking in Any Classroom
Design, Create, and Inspire with 3D
Jump Start Design Thinking in PBL
Design on Mars
Implementing Design Thinking and Problem-Based Learning in the Science/STEM Classroom -- While STILL Driving Content Effectively
Integrating technology in the ESOL classroom
Project Mentors by Design
Python Pedagogy: Using Python to teach computational thinking across the disciplines
Design Thinking: from Exercises to Implementation for the Classroom, for the Faculty, for the Program.
Demystifying Design Thinking: Making DT Approachable for Teachers and Students
Engagement, Empathy, and Equity in action: A journey to enact transformative vision, curricula, and learning
Amplifying Student Voice: Podcasting in the Classroom
Curating Character
How to reduce test anxiety and improve student learning: Using two-stage collaborative exams
“STRONGER TOGETHER: Multi-Level Student Empowerment”
How to Engage Students: Let Their Voices Be the Loudest
Motivation is the Key: Making Learning Relevant, Keeping Students Excited
Pixel Art with Google Sheets
Making Math Enthusiasts: Changing How Students See Math Classes
How Do You Solve a Problem Like History? Historical Thinking and Designing Real-World Solutions
"Climb" up with Nearpod
Hypotheses in the history classroom
Gaming the Classroom: Roleplaying, Simulations, Narratives
Speed Dating in the Science Classroom
Create with What You Have!


Lausanne Learning: Dare to Design is a two-day professional development conference focusing on design-thinking and project-based learning in the classroom. All workshops are led by educators who actively use these tools and strategies in the classroom and who will share their resources and ideas with you in a collaborative learning environment!



Hotel Block

Courtyard Orlando Altamonte Springs/Maitland


Lausanne Learning: Dare to Design will take place at Trinity Preparatory School and Park Maitland School - stay tuned for specific location details!


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